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Pooli is the world's most advanced pool and spa maintenance app

Pooli - Mini Waves Pool Maintenance

Scan Aquachek test-strips, track ph balance and maintain perfect water balance!

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With a delightful UI and intuitive instructions, anyone can be a pool expert. Access the most affordable solutions, chemicals and equipment with Pooli!

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Pooli for Apple iPhone and Google Android

Save time and money in 3 easy steps!

Ph water testing and pool maintenance


Use a test strip to do a 15 second water test.

Curated solutions and chemical pricing


Pooli turns your smart phone into a pool testing machine. Hold test strip below your camera and it will process the results for you.

Track water meter and water maintenance


Pooli doesn't just track water tests. Track your entire pool inventory, maintenance schedule, water usage, leak detection, documentation, warranties, money saving tools and much much more...

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Pooli - Mini Waves Pool Maintenance Pooli - Mini Waves Pool Maintenance Pooli - Mini Waves Pool Maintenance
Pooli - Ph Test Strips

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I just bought a house with a large indoor pool and outdoor spa / whirlpool. I’ve never owned either of these things before. There is a pandemic going on now so I am not able to get businesses to come into my home to take care of these things for me. Enter the Pooli app. Not only did it teach me how to balance my water and maintain my pool, it may save me thousands of dollars down the road as I learn how to do the stuff myself instead of hiring other people. Thanks for the awesome app!!!

- SaHoppa from the App Store