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Welcome to Pool Ownership!

Hi friend,

If you are here, you may have just built a pool at your home or have purchased a house with a pool or spa.

First off, congratulations! A pool is an extraordinary asset for your home. It is a fantastic opportunity for endless fun, entertainment, and relaxation. Pools and spas need to be maintained for sanitary reasons and to prevent costly problems or health issues. You can avoid most pool issues by keeping correctly balanced water. The smaller remaining issues can be avoided with consistent year-long maintenance.

Luckily, an app now exists that walks you through professional-quality maintenance from start to finish. We knew that you as a homeowner could maintain your pool or spa, which is why we created Pooli - the ultimate pool companion app used by tens of thousands of pool owners just like yourself!

So, now that you care for a pool or spa you will need to do the following:

  1. Test Strip Scanning

    Keep your water balanced

    Water balance means: keeping your water between a low and high target range for several metrics. With Pooli, you’ll quickly be knowledgeable about primary sanitizers (chlorine, swg, bromine, peroxide, etc.), pH, alkalinity, calcium, and cyanuric acid. Pooli provides a complete chemical almanac and dosage calculator for each of these essentials, along with all of your other water needs.

    To get started, download the Pooli app here: iPhone or Android. Open the Pooli app and add your pool size, then insert your water test. It'll instantly provide you with a complete balancing checklist and water report.

    * To test your water you need to purchase a test kit like this Taylor K2005 Pool Kit, or test strips: AquaChek Test Strips. Pooli has a paid test strip scanning feature that instantly reads in the results of your test strips, but you can use any preferred testing method.

    Water balance is especially critical because without a proper water balance; that is, keeping your water between the recommended targets, your water will become home to algae and harmful bacteria and viruses that harm swimmers. Water contaminants grow exponentially, so it can be frightening to see your beautifully clear water turn green within days when targeted water-levels fall outside the recommended range.

  2. Perform regular maintenance

    Pooli also provides you with an ongoing todo list of essential pool maintenance. At the very least, your pool will need the following regular maintenance: empty skimmer baskets, sweep walls, empty pool cleaner, empty pump basket, and clean filter.

The duration between those maintenance tasks will range from a few days (emptying skimmer baskets) to multiple months (cleaning filters). Pooli sets recommended intervals for these routine maintenance tasks, but you can quickly adjust the list to your needs and add optional tasks like cleaning off your pool deck, pool cover, etc.

Pooli takes pool education seriously, and it will simplify your pool care, and if you let it, it can guide and teach you all you need to know to become a pool pro! It will provide you with a place to manage your chemical and equipment inventory, track notes and images, utilize tools like heat and fill timers or cost of ownership, and so much more!

Congrats again, and welcome to the gift of pool and spa living!

Your friends at Pooli    :)

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